A Greeter/Story-reader at The Kids’ Place is often the first person the families see when they arrive at the house for their evening group experience. You will be the representative, the ambassador, the smile of The Kids’ Place.

  • As a volunteer Greeter/Story-reader, you will need to understand the rules of The Kids’ Place and the philosophy of working with grieving children, as set forth in the handouts entitled Rules of Safety, We Believe That… and What Will Children Get From The Kids’ Place.
  • Your total time commitment for evening groups is usually an hour and a half, from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m., two times per month. You will join the team for sharing during the first part of the pre-session meeting, then leave to greet the families by 6:40 or 6:45 p.m.
  • Your primary role is to meet, greet, and supervise the children as they arrive at The Kids’ Place. Two or three people will be scheduled in the role of Greeter/Story-reader for each meeting. You will see that the “Adult Rule” is followed: Children/teens must be with an adult at all times while at The Kids’ Place. They may not play in the yard or driveway without adult supervision. They may not leave the building unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Your secondary role is to read or tell a pre-assigned story to the entire group or individual groups of children. The story-reading role will not necessarily be utilized every meeting and is typically scheduled for the first fifteen to twenty minutes of the session.
  • You will be under the supervision of and responsible to the on-site group coordinator. The group coordinator is the person to talk to about any questions or problems. The coordinator is also the person to notify when you cannot be in attendance for your assigned time.
  • You are to respect that what is said at The Kids’ Place and who attends our meetings is held in confidence by volunteers and staff. Exceptions include cases of suicidal ideation, child abuse as defined by Oklahoma state statute, chemical dependency on the part of a child, adolescent, or adult, or when a parent or legal guardian has signed an information release.
  • You must report any suspicion of suicidal ideation, child abuse as defined by Oklahoma state statute, or threats to harm self or others directly to their group coordinator before the support group concludes. This allows the coordinator to ensure the safety of the child or adult before they leave the premises.
  • Volunteers and staff are expected to respect that their relationship with participants is a helping relationship. The establishment of personal relationships outside of The Kids’ Place Ministry may interfere with the healing process. We advise that you not initiate any outside contact with families due to confidentiality purposes. We encourage ministry- based relationships and assistance to families as needed or requested.
  • You should indicate your presence on the sign-in sheet each time you are present for a session at The Kids’ Place.