Session Topics

Families that come to The Kids’ Place hopeful to connect with people that can share in their grief journey with them. Each child is placed into a group according to their age and adults have their own group.

Each session is focused on a theme and then the activities, games, arts and crafts, journaling, video or sharing time is centered on that theme to engage the children to share about their loved one who has died. All age groups, including the adult group focus on the same theme each night creating opportunities for families to share and heal together.

Session 1

An Overview of Feelings

Session 2

What is Grief?

Session 3


Session 4

Grief & Holidays/Loneliness/Sadness

Session 5

Making Memories

Session 6

Handling Changes

Session 7

Grief Games

Session 8

Anger & More Anger

Session 9

Guilt & Regret

Session 10

Reflections about the Person Who Died/ Coping Skills

Session 11

Dealing with Fears

Session 12

Many Questions/Confusion

Session 13

Favorite Music and/or Movie Clip

Session 14

Feeling Review & Hope for the Future